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Mission and Vision


"To provide service and operational support to the fleet and strengthen the US-ROK alliance"


To provide service and operational support to the fleet and strengthen the US-ROK alliance, Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae provides C4I, logistics, and personnel support through joint and combined armistice, exercise and contingency operations. 


1. 'Own It' (or 'Do the Right Thing', 'Be Dedicated' or 'Strive for Initiative').  You have to own it.  Stoke the fires of your personal initiative and find your passion.  Figure out how you can personally contribute to our team.  Exhibiting a positive mental attitude gets us through hard times, or takes us to new heights with personal or organizational goals.

2. 'Communicate Fiercely'.  Clear communication of goals and expectations from your Command Triad.  For our middle managers, create an open forum of dialogue whenever possible.  For our junior Sailors, never be the senior guy/gal with a secret (good or bad).  For all, listen to each other...whether it's lending a compassionate ear to a brother/sister in need, hearing a differing perspective or being receptive to a new idea, we can learn from each other daily. Great teams value opinions of all and figure out how to empower each member.

3. 'Be Transparent'. Use the 3M rule. (also see honesty, integrity).

Mom (or Mentor)
Mirror (yourself)

If you can't explain your decision/actions (without disappointing) to any of the 3Ms, you're doing it wrong.  Bottom line, be reflective, be mindful and be good.

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